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Nzinga DuVerney is an NYC-based wardrobe stylist and consultant. With a mentor/stepmother for a stylist (Khalilah Beavers), Nzinga has established herself in the world of fashion through wardrobe styling for NBA athletes in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Utah, and Miami. Her experience on creative teams, collaborating, assisting, and project managing for iconic and signature looks for professional athletes and other talents allows her to stand out from other stylists and image consultants. What makes Nzinga so unique is her ability to hone in on a client’s character and find the perfect synergy between the client’s personality and the art of fashion. After developing client and brand relationships that have contributed greatly to her success, Nzinga is now moving into more independent work with fashion direction and styling talent, athletes, and costume design for artists. As the daughter of fine artist Oasa DuVerney and gallerists Richard Beavers, Nzinga aims to make her wildest thoughts come to life through clothes. Her styling approach draws from a perspective that focuses on the intersection of women's and mens clothing, drawing from her artistic and cultural background . Nzinga aims to show the artistic aspects of fashion, by marrying functionality, structure, lighting, and textures to transform clients into walking, breathing exhibitions.

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